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Social campaign for cyber week 2022. went into administration weeks after this job was completed. We were devastated to hear this and our hearts go out to all the talented full-time staff which Made employed.

The job itself was an absolute pleasure. Patch was brought in to shoot and provide post-production services. On the day, we jumped in once the stills were complete and had half a day to produce these videos. Shot on the Red V-Raptor with stunning Cooke S4 glass.


Having built our own MOCO, we love to use it! If you’re not familiar with motion control video, imagine controlling the camera using computers and robots. We created this high-energy, eye catching video over the course of two days in the office. Concept and crew all Patch.

ealing gin

We were approached by Ealing Gin to produce this campaign video. Once again the MOCO was in full swing, check out the BTS video to see it in action. From Liquid pours and camera rolls, to extreme close ups and smooth tracks, the MOCO excels. Plus, you operate it with an Xbox control.