Content creation doesn’t have to be complicated. Get talented people in the same room, keep them fed (with good food) and watered (caffeine, water…beer) and you can produce beautiful work.

Patch is a London-based production company and creative agency started by photographer and DOP Max Bridge, fashion photographer Nick Radley and Director Rob Ward. Drawing on our combined experience, spanning decades and covering a diverse cross section of the industry, we produce stunning, targeted content for brands of all sizes.

Between us we’ve worked on everything; banned horror films, multi-million-pound commercials, Hollywood films, indie features, music videos, fashion shoots on remote beaches advertising photoshoots of all kinds; the list goes on and on. Ask Max about the banned horror film, he loves chatting about that.

Given the scope of our experience we decided it was time to provide brands with a direct path to some of the most talented creatives, and no we don’t just mean ourselves. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the best crew throughout every stage of the production process. No matter what scale the shoot is, we have the right people for it; Directors, Producers, Advertising Photographers, Fashion Photographers, Editors, Graders, Food Stylist, Drinks Stylists, Set Builders, CGI Artists, Animators, Motion Control Operators, Drone Pilots. We could go on but hopefully you get the idea.

Click here to see some our video productions and here to see a selection of advertising photography.